Hi, Welcome to Completionist!

I'm David Klemke, the face behind Completionist. This site is dedicated to understanding how gamers actually play games by looking at statistics that are often overlooked. This includes stats like play times, how many achievements players unlock and how many players are in a game at any given point in time.

Originally this site was developed to help me with my game reviews on my humble blog. I started off doing one review a week and was quickly overwhelmed, lacking the time to play. I wanted to know which games could be finished relatively quickly and so I started gathering stats to figure that out. The result is a much deeper look into all the games currently available through Steam and how gamers play them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your data from?

All of the data you see here is gathered directly from Steam's Web API using the SteamKit2 framework. Most of the statistics are updated daily however a few like the trends are updated every hour. I am looking to expand beyond just Steam however no one else provides a great API like Valve does.

Indie/Early Access/etc. aren't a genre! Why are they there?

All genres and tags are taken directly from Steam and so there are a some that wouldn't meet the more traditional idea of a "genre". Whilst most of them are usually used as a secondary genre (like say Indie Adventure) it's not a hard and fast rule. So I decided to keep them as they do provide an interesting insight into games that use those genre classifications.

Are there really that many people on Steam in North Korea?

Since users are free to define whatever country they like on their Steam profile I'm pretty sure most of them don't reside there. Short of verifying every account's location manually there's no good way to tell what's real and what's fake. However for other regions I believe the data is accurate.

I've found a bug or stat that seems wrong, can you fix it?

Head on over to the Contact page to get in touch. I'm constantly looking to improve the site and any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated!

I'm interested in the data you've got, do you have an API or another means to access it?

Whilst this currently isn't a feature of Completionist it is in development. If you'd like to be notified when it becomes available send us an email and I'll make sure to contact you when it's available!

How can I support this site? Do you take donations?

Right now I'm not taking donations however I will be providing a service in the future for deeper stats, better analysis and other great features. If you'd like to be a part of that please send me an email and I'll notify you of when it's available.